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The inspiring story of an entrepreneur who spent
12 days alone without food or water

creating a method to make you rich, happy and proud of yourself

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Having suffered a rather painful childood, formely shy, Eric Behanzin developed a keen interest in music and went on to enjoy a 20-years international career as a singer, musician and trainer. With his business experience over the last decade, Eric, now a leadership coach , has created the "Explosive Business" method, and gives his corporate customers the keys to boosting their financial results in just a few months.

The Book

During the summer of 2017, Eric BEHANZIN went in Picardie (France) to rest and begin a dry fast of 12 days and at the same time to start laying down his life and his unique method of coaching consisting of 12 keys that already provided to his countless customers a way to boosting their financial results in just a few months.

This book has a unique structure of reflecting at the same time the reason and the emotion. The right pages speak to the more emotional right brain, while the left pages speak to the rational left brain. This book remain extremely easy to read and understand with its authentic and direct style. It has been qualified as a "Page turner" by everybody who read it.

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